About Us

Kentucky Greg's Hickory Pit
"A BBQ Restaurant"

Kentucky Greg's Hickory Pit is the result of a life-long dream and passion of Greg Engelhardt. Greg began his career in the restaurant industry after receiving a Bachelors degree in business from the University of Kentucky in 1983. During the next ten years, Greg gained extensive experience in all aspects of the restaurant industry.

In 1994, Greg was anxious to start seeing his dream become a reality and having found his partner and wife, Pam, Greg engineered the start of the Hickory Pit by converting an old motor home into a barbeque stand selling his barbecued food in the back of a gas station parking lot in West Palm Beach Florida.
Pam stood in the middle of the busiest intersection nearby to pass out menus to cars stopped at red lights. Within two years, Greg was serving over one hundred people a day with many repeat customers. His vision becoming reality, he was ready to open a restaurant.

With Pam's hometown being Alden NY, she knew that barbequed food was scarce in the Buffalo area at that time. Confident that the Southern foods and casual atmosphere would be readily accepted, Pam and Greg selected WNY as the home for their new restaurant.

Kentucky Greg's Hickory Pit located at 2186 George Urban Blvd., Depew, N.Y. started in 1997, as a 70-seat restaurant featuring Authentic Southern cuisine served in the casual but fun atmosphere Greg envisioned. With the combination of Southern Blues and Jazz music playing in the background along with the folksy decor, and the smell of the savory meats slowly smoking over a hickory wood fire, the customer is engaged in a relaxing and fulfilling dining experience. The menu's signature items are the moist and flavorful meats, homemade side orders and a greeting by Greg in his thick Southern accent help to create a unique dining experience.

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